June 29, 2009 Open Data Standards Hearing

UPDATE 1: The hearing transcript is available here.

The New York City Council Committee on Technology in Government held an important hearing on open data standards for all city agencies at 1:00pm June 29th at 250 Broadway in the 14th Floor Hearing Room.  This bill, Introduction 991-2009, is an effort to increase government transparency and access to public data.

This hearing was tweeted and video archived.

CONTEXT OF INT. 991-2009

Video from the hearing
Introduction and Sami Naim, Assistant Counselor to the Mayor

Andrew Hoppin, Benjamin Kallos, Ian Jacobs

Morgan Reed, James Vasile and Phil Ashlock

Chris Keeley, Rachael Fauss/Denora Getachew, Joshua Breitbart

Tom Lowenhaupt, Silona Bonewald, Frank Hebbert

Andrew Brust, Jay Sulzberger, Kayza Kleinman



TESTIMONIES (by panel)

Sami Naim, Assistant Counselor to the Mayor

Benjamin Kallos, Open Government Foundation

Morgan Reed, The Association for Competitive Technology (ACT)

James Vasile, Software Freedom Law Center

Chris Keeley, Common Cause

Rachel Fauss

Joshua Brietbart, People’s Production House

Tom Lowenhaupt, Connecting .nyc

Frank Hebbert

Andrew Burnst, twentysix New York

For the Public Record:

CUNY Graduate Center


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