Net Neutrality

The New York City Council Committee on Technology in Government held an public hearing  on Friday, November 20, 2009  at the Council Chambers of City Hall in New York City.  Council Member Gale A. Brewer and the Committee considered a pending Resolution 712A-2007 that recommends the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to codify stronger net neutrality rules to preserve the open Internet.

The hearing was live webcasted and tweeted.


Watch live streaming video from nycctechcomm at

Via Youtube [the entire playlist can be found here.]



TESTIMONIES (by panel)
Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures

Art Brodsky, Public Knowledge

Tim Karr, Free Press

Howard Symons, on behalf of the NCTA

Lawrence Spiwak Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal & Economic Public Policy Studies

Professor Economides, NYU Stern School of Business

Justin Day,

Joshua Breitbart, People’s Production House and behalf of the New America Foundation

Professor Katsamakas, Fordham Business School

Robert Puckett, NYS Telecommunications

Songwriters Guild of America, Comments to the FCC

Gordon Chambers, Grammy Award-winning Songwriter and Producer

Phil Galdston, Songwriter & Producer

Chuck Davidson, New York Law School

Drs. Kevin Hassett and Robert Shapiro, Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy

John Mayo, Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy

Hannah Miller, Media and Democracy Coalition

Chris Keeley, Common Cause

Jennifer Mercurio, Esq., Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA)

Jean Cook, Future of Music Coalition

Lowell Peterson, Writers Guild of America

James Vasile, Software Freedom Center

Amanda McDonald Crowley, Eyebeam

Jehangir Khattak, NY Media Alliance

Ben Kallos, Open Government Foundation

Colleen Gibney, ITAC

Michel Biezunski, Infoloom

Reso. 712A-2007 is being reviewed by the Committee and Council.  We will keep you updated through our Twitter, blog, and email.


Songwriter & Producer

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